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8 key elements of Resume Solutions’ resumes….



30 Seconds
Approximately 30 seconds is the amount of time employers and recruiters spend viewing your resume once they have received it. Our resumes clear the 30-second test and grabs their attention.
30 Seconds Our resumes showcase significant and quantifiable contributions you have made throughout your career, and communicate your Unique Selling Proposition (USP).
30 Seconds Our resumes are engaging, generate interest, and get the reader excited, compelling them to contact you to meet with them. This means, you will get more calls quicker than ever before to attend interviews.
30 Seconds Our resumes are visually appealing to the reader. They are well-formatted and clean, with a dazzling presentation.
30 Seconds Our resumes are keyword rich. We carry out a great deal of research regarding the job you are applying for and ensure powerful keywords are included in your resume.
30 Seconds Our resumes speak volumes about your skills and expertise, meaning, your resume will stand out above the rest from the 100s of resumes employers and recruiters receive every day.
30 Seconds Our resumes are uniquely created and customised for YOU and are not generated from templates. This ensures your resume is streets ahead of the competition and stands out from the crowd.
30 Seconds 87% Yes, that's right. We have an 87% success rate. You can never go wrong with a resume professionally created and written by Resume Solutions.
You do not get a second chance to make a good first impression so why to take risk? Find out more about our packages


















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